The Altizer Lab at UGA

Host-pathogen ecology in natural populations

Our lab aims to provide conceptual advances in host-pathogen interactions across multiple scales of organization, from within-host processes to community-level dynamics. We apply field, experimental, molecular, modeling, and comparative approaches to diverse study systems, including insect pathogens, avian diseases, bat viruses and mammal parasites. Specific themes we address include: animal movement and infectious disease dynamics; resource subsidies and wildlife health in human-modified landscapes; monarch butterfly conservation and responses to global change; and macroecology of infectious diseases and global patterns of parasitism. We also study insect ecology, evolution and conservation, especially through our work with monarch butterflies. Our lab maintains a supportive environment that values interdisciplinary exchange, creativity, collegiality and engaging in outreach and education.

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140 E Green St

University of Georgia

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Monarch specimens